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    Zitong, since ancient times, there is "the village of all the grain is appropriate, the forest silkworm in the luxuriant" reputation, because of "east relying on the catalpa forest, west pillow tong water" and named. Covering an area of 1443.92 square kilometers, it has a total population of 377,000 and has jurisdiction over 32 townships (towns) and one economic development zone. Is the strong county of food industry, the national ecological food county, the national agricultural products processing business base, national rice seed production base counties, the national rural traditional Chinese medicine work advanced unit, the national supply and marketing cooperatives e-commerce demonstration county, the state compulsory education development fundamental equilibrium county, sichuan provincial civilized city, health city, sichuan province, the provincial agricultural products quality and safety supervision demonstration county, sichuan province key county of modern animal husbandry, modern forestry key county of sichuan province, sichuan province agricultural industrialization ", "advanced county of sichuan province water conservancy work counties, the rule of law county of sichuan province, sichuan province etc. In 2018, China's GDP reached 11.267 billion yuan, up 8.1 percent year-on-year. The total output value of industries above designated size was 8.095 billion yuan, up 12.45%; The total agricultural output value was 5.103 billion yuan, up 3.88%. The added value of the service sector reached 4.382 billion yuan, up 9.7%. Revenue in local general public budgets totaled 262 million yuan, up 9.3%; Total fixed asset investment was 7.08 billion yuan, up 2.8%; The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 31,304 yuan, up 8.3 percent. The per capita disposable income of rural residents was 15,509 yuan, up 9.2 percent.

    Zitong has a long history and profound culture. It has a history of more than 2300 years since 285 BC, and it has bred rich and diverse qin and han culture, three kingdoms culture, han and tang culture, wenchang culture, red culture and traditional Chinese medicine culture. Five long Ding Kai mountain, sima xiangru QingShan junction room reading, zhuge liang to wolong mountain station troops, Zhang Feizhi table way, so tang xing shu WenLing parker historical allusion, famous domestic holds QiQuShan temple, wolong mountain cliff statues in the tang dynasty, Li Ye que countries such as the provincial key cultural relics protection units and dongjing music daxin lanterns, zitong New Year pictures, such as national and provincial intangible cultural heritage. Zitong cultural prosperity, a large number of talents, out of the master of traditional Chinese culture xie wuliang, Oriental color master li youxing, national medicine shengshou pufu zhou, sichuan cuisine master shi zhengliang and countless outstanding figures.

    Zitong wenchang culture is extensive and profound, "Confucius in the north, wenchang in the south", qichu mountain temple is known as the ancestral home of wenchang, is the birthplace of Chinese wenchang culture. Wenchang dongjing ancient music has been listed in the "national intangible cultural heritage protection list" and honored as "music living fossil" by UNESCO. Qiqu mountain temple has 23 halls and pavilions in yuan, Ming and qing dynasties. Qiqu mountain national forest park has more than 20,000 ancient cypresses with a thousand years of history. It is the largest pure ancient Berlin in China and is honored as "grand view garden of ancient cypresses", "living fossil of forest" and "natural oxygen bar". Qichu mountain scenic area has been named as "national AAAA level scenic spot", "national civilized unit" and "qichu mountain national forest park", and won the "gold panda" award of sichuan province.

    Zitong red culture has a unique charm. The former site of the Chinese Academy of Engineering physics -- China's "double bomb city" is located at the foot of changqing shanxi in zitong. It is the headquarters of China's second nuclear weapon research and development base after qinghai haiyan gold and silver beach. Yu min, wang ganchang, deng jiaxen, zhu guangya, Chen nengkuan, zhou guangzhao, cheng kaijia, peng huanwu and other distinguished scientists who won the "two bullets and one star" medal, as well as generals zhang aiping and li kyui, all left footprints here. Up to now, there is still a complete retains an auditorium, office building, information center, general building, deng jiaxian, kan-chang wang former former residence and so on 167 s building and combat readiness shelter, the spirit of the forest of steles, such as honor, was listed in the third national cultural relics census 100 cultural relics discoveries, is listed as the second batch of national industrial heritage, "national red tourism classic scenic spot", The first batch of national primary and middle school students is the ministry of education studies education practice base, the military culture of science and technology and industry for national defense education base, the national social science popularization base, jiusan society, the traditional education base, sichuan provincial patriotism education base, united front education base of socialism with Chinese characteristics, industrial tourism demonstration base in sichuan province, sichuan province honest cultural base, the fourth batch of national defense education bases at the provincial level.

    Zitong industry integration, transformation and development. The development of modern service industry was accelerated. Committed to promoting the integration and development of cultural tourism, actively accept the radiation of science and technology city, efforts to create mianyang "back garden". Successfully hosted the fourth wenchang culture exchanges across the Taiwan straits, the two terms "wenchang cup" contest of Chinese poetry, as well as the red camp launching ceremony in sichuan province, China ping sichuan division the super league, "rotation" audition and mianyang city, sichuan province, the speed roller skating open and so on many large activities, both at home and abroad enjoy high visibility and reputation. Qiqu mountain scenic spot has been established as a national 5a-level tourist scenic spot, which has passed the provincial landscape quality assessment. Tourist and cultural supporting projects around fenghuang lake have been promoted rapidly. Parking lots at the south and north shanmen have been completed and put into use. The "two bombs and one star" cadre academy has made remarkable achievements in running the school, and has been listed as "cadre party spirit education base" by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. We formulated and promulgated the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of the service sector, and steadily advanced modern services such as e-commerce and health care and old-age care, with the added value of the service sector accounting for 38.89% of the county's total GDP. The secondary industry continues to grow. The industrial park covers an area of 4.17 square kilometers and 90 enterprises are settled in it. The park has achieved a total industrial output value of 7.28 billion yuan, and has been successfully established as a national agricultural products processing and entrepreneurship base, provincial small enterprises entrepreneurship base and agricultural products processing demonstration base. The construction of mianyang biological medicine industrial park is vigorously promoted. There are 16 biological medicine enterprises in the park, and the total output value of biological medicine is 845 million yuan. We formulated and promulgated the thirteen measures to support the development of the construction industry, and achieved an output value of 2.673 billion yuan, an increase of 30.4%. Modern agriculture flourished. The plan of key industry, leading products and spatial layout of modern agriculture in zitong county was fully implemented. The scale of modern agricultural base reached 710,000 mu, and five demonstration parks of modern agricultural industry integration were built. "Sweet pomelo, pig, rice seed production, laying chicken" four advantage industries to achieve the first four province, "tianbao sweet pomelo" won the title of "sichuan quality brand agricultural products", mianyang city is the first direct export of bulk fruit products. Xuzhou tianbao sweet grapefruit core demonstration base was rated as "top ten agricultural supply-side structural reform demonstration base in sichuan".

    Zitong is poised for a promising future. Zitong is unique in location. National highway 108 runs from north to south and national highway 347 runs from east to west. The hardened road rate of tongxiang tongcun road construction is 100%, and the highway length of the whole county reaches 2,138 kilometers. The construction of the mian-cang expressway and the expansion of the G5 mian-guang expressway will start in 2019, and the large traffic pattern of the inner and outer communication will be accelerated. We worked hard to remove institutional barriers, steadily advanced institutional reform, further improved the environment for providing government services, and made the private sector more active. Wenjiang district of chengdu signed the strategic cooperation agreement for integrated and coordinated development, established strategic cooperative relations with provincial people's hospital and shenzhen medical association, and cooperated with tsinghua university to establish the remote teaching site for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization zitong workstation. With the introduction of enterprises such as shandong shuifa group and sichuan commercial investment group, the company has signed 24 new contracts for tourism development of qichu mountain scenic spot, construction of the main pipeline of sinopec yuande line and zitong and natural gas operation. The funds in place at home and abroad have reached 2.33 billion yuan, and the contracted project amount has exceeded 20 billion yuan.

    Zitong beautiful environment, suitable for living and industry. Ecological environment has unique advantages, the county's forest coverage rate reached 43.29%. The annual environmental air quality good days up to 322 days, excellent rate of 90%, ranked in the forefront of the city. The water quality of all monitored sections of major rivers in the zi river basin reached 100%, the water quality of centralized drinking water sources in urban areas reached 100%, and the sewage treatment rate in county towns reached 86.1%. Comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste, harmless treatment and disposal rate of hazardous waste and centralized disposal rate of medical waste all reached 100%. Centering on the positioning of ecological livable cities, 14 ecological towns and townships at the provincial level, 112 ecological villages at the municipal level and 15,000 ecological homes have been established. Zitong adheres to the integrated development of production and city as well as jingcheng, and promotes the construction of new urban areas and the renovation and upgrading of old urban areas in a coordinated way, so as to significantly improve the urban living environment. Zitong campus of sichuan culture and art college, zitong dongchen international school and wenchang experimental kindergarten have been settled and put into use. There are 1 provincial model high school, 1 third-class b hospital and 4 second-class b hospitals.

    Zitong county county, facing the new situation the new development opportunity, insist on socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping new era as a guide, in-depth study and implement the party's 19 large and the 19th session of 2, the third plenary session, four plenary session of the 11th CPC committee, the municipal party committee of seven six session spirit, according to the twelve tenth session and the twelve of the four the party's policy decisions, accurately grasp the overall layout and the "five one" "four" comprehensive strategic layout, stick to seek improvement in stability work always tone, closely around "unity yong put your heart into it, innovation makes the back garden" goal, In-depth implementation of "wenluxing county, agriculture rich county, industrial strong county, green development, improve people's livelihood and party building" six projects, in order to comprehensively promote high-quality development, accelerate the construction of sichuan qiuqu economic strong county and mianyang back garden, mianyang for the construction of China's science and technology city and western modern strong city to make greater contributions!
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